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Healthy. Fresh. Organic.Food, Juices & Smoothies Created with Fresh Produce.


We NEVER add sugar, artificial sweeteners or commercially bottled juices to our smoothies!


Indulge in our healthy food selections. Everything we make is fresh from the farm.

Cold Pressed

Our cold pressed juices are freshly made for you. Select a custom or pre-made juice.

Best Organic Juice & Smoothie Bars in DoylestownNot Your Typical Cold Pressed Juice and Coffee Shop, GI Juice & Java is Women and Veteran Owned

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Healthy Drinks & Shakes in Bucks CountyLOCAL PRODUCTS

100% RAW juice made by our GoodNature X1 Cold Press Machine, the leaders in the cold press industry. By offering a unique line of locally-sourced products, we strive to serve our neighbors with the freshest organic and local organically grown fruits, vegetables, and coffee in Bucks County. Join us for our signature juices, smoothies and coffee along with organic salads from Blue Moon Acres with our homemade dressings. We offer a wide variety of Organic superfoods including E3Live Blue Green Algae’s, Four Sigmatic Mushroom Elixers, Goldenmilk, Matcha (mixed by hand), Chaga Ice Teas, CBD infused bottled water and a full line of Full Spectrum CBD products.

Best Organic Juice in Bucks CountyYOU WON'T FIND A BETTER LOCATION

If you’re looking for the best fully organic juice bar and coffee in Bucks County then look no further than GI Juice & Java. We’re located right in the heart of Lahaska just a short drive away from Doylestown, Buckingham, and New Hope, PA. We source all of our products locally from Bucks County so that we can use only the best of the best organic produce and ingredients free from preservatives. Our product lineup includes raw juice pressed right here on site in Lahaska, fresh fruit smoothies made from organic fruit, savory coffee pressed from organic coffee beans free from GMOs, and incredible organic salads from Blue Moon Acres with our homemade dressings. Not only do our smoothies taste incredible and will leave your refreshed but we incorporate superfoods into them because the whole point of smoothies is to be healthy right? You won’t find a better healthy food in Doylestown!



Our menu has all different kinds of food, coffee and juice. Visit us!
Juice Menu
Juice Menu
Cold-Pressed Juices, Juice Shots, Smoothies, Acai Bowls, Cocktail Mixers and Coffee.
Coffee Menu
Coffee Menu
Green Tea Latte, CBD Cold Brew, Iced Coffee, Hot Coffee and Bulletproof Keto Coffee.
Food Menu
Food Menu
Salads, Wraps, Oatmeal, Waffles, Toast, Egg Salad and More.
Juice Bar

There are plenty of great juice bars in Doylestown, but we like to pride ourselves as a juice bar with a difference. With organic, smoothie fruit shakes sourced from the freshest local ingredients, you can take a sip of Lahaska with every mouthful. We like to think we offer the best healthy drinks, delectable fruit smoothies, and wonderfully rich coffee this side of New Hope, PA. If you have no experience with juice bars you need to come on down to Buckingham and join us for delicious drinks.

GI Juice & Java offers customers a unique taste of some of the best organic fruits, coffees, and snacks from around Buckingham, Bucks County, and the Lahaska area. We believe it is so important to make juice and coffee a real experience, and therefore we offer the best and freshest fruit shakes and healthy drinks in Doylestown.

Healthy Drinks & Shakes

All cups, lids, straws, containers and utensils are compostable. We are currently working with a supplier to develop our own compostable juice bottles as glass bottles also end up in landfills. 2019 will bring a commercial compost pickup at the store so feel free to leave or bring back your used items so they can be disposed of properly. We are striving for a zero waste store so please be mindful of our goal. Smoothie cups have a sip lid so you can forgo the straw! Our food waste goes to our backyard chickens and our neighbors’ pigs.

Our mission it to provide the highest quality healthy drinks and shakes that are ACTUALLY going to benefit your health. Incorporating superfoods as well as using only locally sourced organic ingredients from ensures our fruit smoothies and healthy drinks will taste amazing not only because they’re made from the freshest ingredients in the Bucks County area, but because they’re free from the stuff that shouldn’t be in there in the first place. We’re not only passionate about helping you eat cleaner but leaving a cleaner carbon footprint as well. All of our cups, lids, and utensils are 100% compostable. We’re finding every way to make sure that our store generates zero waste. All though are materials are compostable we still encourage you to bring your own coffee mug and cups for juice and smoothies and we’ll give you a discount for being eco-friendly!

Feel free to bring your own cup for coffee, on demand juices and smoothies! We will give you a $.20 discount for each unused cup and lid!

In addition to offering one of the most unforgettable juice bar experiences in Bucks County, here at GI Juice, we believe in combining zesty flavors, with organic smoothies and healthy drinks. This is a big focus for us, and we want to be one of the go-to juice bars in the Doylestown area, and therefore we are so focused in delightful, healthy drinks and shakes. With compostable cups and utensils, not to mention proper disposal methods, GI Juice is one of the most environmentally friendly juice bars in New Hope, PA.

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Online Meal Delivery Services in New Hope

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