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We work hard.A STORY

Not your typical Cold Pressed juice and coffee shop, GI Juice & Java is Women and Veteran owned.



Join us for our signature juices, smoothies and coffee along with organic salads from Blue Moon Acres with our homemade dressings. We offer a wide variety of Organic superfoods including E3Live Blue Green Algae’s, Four Sigmatic Mushroom Elixers, Goldenmilk, Matcha (mixed by hand), Chaga Ice Teas, CBD infused bottled water and a full line of Full Spectrum CBD products.

All cups, lids, straws, containers and utensils are compostable. We are currently working with a supplier to develop our own compostable juice bottles as glass bottles also end up in landfills. 2019 will bring a commercial compost pickup at the store so feel free to leave or bring back your used items so they can be disposed of properly. We are striving for a zero waste store so please be mindful of our goal. Smoothie cups have a sip lid so you can forgo the straw! Our food waste goes to our backyard chickens and our neighbors’ pigs.

Feel free to bring your own cup for coffee, on demand juices and smoothies! We will give you a $.20 discount for each unused cup and lid!


GI Juice is a homage to Tiffany’s mother and partner Sherry, who served in both the US Navy and US Army Reserve. Sherry had a 20+ year career carrying her from Portugal in the ’70s as a crypto to her final tour in Iraq as a Logistics officer. Post-retirement Sherry continued to serve as a government contractor in both Afghanistan and Iraq for nearly 8 years. Her expertise in logistics has been a saving grace to GI Juice seeing as how over 20 separate local farms and national brands are incorporated in the store’s offerings. Sourcing only the best is vital to the store’s assortment on the shelves and in the bottles.
Family Business