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UncategorizedWhat are the Benefits of Cold-Pressed Juices?

June 7, 2019by gijuice0

For the uninitiated, something like fruit juice can seem like a rather simple drink. Having been squeezed from the fruit and placed into a bottle for your enjoyment, not a lot of people expect to find anything more complicated in this industry. These delicious beverages are more than just refreshment, though; they can also provide a big part of your healthy and balanced diet. If you want to maximize these benefits, you’ll need to get your hands on some cold-pressed fruit juices, and this post is going to be showing you why.

There’s No Heat

As the name suggests, cold-pressed fruit juices are made in a cold environment. This is different from natural juices, which go through a process known as pasteurization when they are being made. Pasteurization involves heating the juices to very high temperatures, helping to make the most out of limited fruits, while also making it taste stronger. Unfortunately, though, this process gets rid of a lot of the nutritional value you’d get from the fruits if you ate them on their own. Cold-pressed juices don’t suffer like this, giving you all the nutrients, you’d get if you ate the fruit raw. 

Fewer Additives

Pasteurization is good because it makes fruit juices last a little bit longer, but a lot of companies also like to use chemicals to do this job. Additives in fruit juices are also used to change the color, taste, and texture of the drink, and this is something which a lot of modern people are trying to cut from their diets. Cold-pressed fruit juices are made using a hydraulic press. Rather than mixing the juice with a blend of chemicals, it will be squeezed into a glass or a bottle and served for the drinker to enjoy. You don’t need to add taste to something which is already delicious enough as it is.

 One Of Your 5 A Day

Over the last few years, people around the world have been obsessing over the amount of fruit and vegetables they eat. Natural fruit juices don’t tend to contribute to this, as they don’t retain enough of their former goodness. Cold-pressed fruit juices can contain multiple portions of fruit, though, and this gives you an easy way to get what you need from your diet. People with busy lifestyles often struggle to fit eating healthily into their routine, but this can make it just a little bit easier for you. You can put just about any fruit into a drink like this.

With all of this in mind, you should be feeling inspired to go out and try some cold-pressed fruit juices to see what you think. A lot of people haven’t heard of this option before but will have heard bad things about the normal juices you find in superstores. You can avoid the bad juices, though, enjoying their cold-pressed cousins without having to worry about the ingredients which are inside them; they’re all healthy. This way offers you the best organic juice in Doylestown that are cold-pressed giving you the most nutrients possible.


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