Best Coffee shop in Bucks County

Looking for the best coffee in Bucks County? GI Juice and Java has the best organic coffee in the Doylestown and Buckingham areas. Most coffee shops don’t offer completely organic food served from 100% compostable materials. We source our ingredients from our friendly local farmers who don’t use preservatives and pesticides which allows us to provide you with the highest quality and nutritionally sound foods and drinks. Our coffee shop encourages you to bring your own travel mug and we’ll even give you a discount for being eco-friendly and helping us do our part in saving our planet. We’re one of the hottest healthy food spots in Buckingham because of our reputation and commitment for going green while providing you with the tastiest healthy food in the area.



Cbd Infused Coffee Shop in Doylestown

How many coffee shops in Doylestown & Buckingham can say they serve smoothies and fruit juices that are made with superfoods like E3Live Blue Green Algae, Four Sigmatic Mushroom Elixir, Goldenmilk, Matcha (mixed by hand), Chaga Ice Teas, CBD infused bottled water and a full line of Full Spectrum CBD products. We’re committed to serving healthy food in Buckingham while doing our part to generate zero waste in the process. Our cups, straws, lids, containers, and utensils are completely compostable and all of our food that would normally go to waste is donated to our neighbors to help them feed their pigs. Our mission extends so much further than just providing healthy food and drinks with integrity because we purposely help out our farmers, neighbors, and community. If you’re curious about all of our food and drink options then give us a call at 267-544-5403 and we’d love to fill you in on everything we have to offer! Living a healthier and more eco-friendly life could simply start with a smoothie from GI Juice & Java!