Best Healthy Foods in Bucks County

If you’re looking for the best healthy food spot in Buckingham, Doylestown, and all of Bucks County then we’ve got you covered! We’re one of the hottest coffee spots in Buckingham because we make all of our smoothies, juices, and coffee from completely organically sources ingredients.


Healthy Foods in Doylestown & Buckingham

We want our food and drinks to taste the best it possibly can while truly being healthy for you too and this is only possible by using organic ingredients. We’re stoked about this because that means we get to help out our local farmers too. We complete the circle by striving to make our store 100% waste free. We encourage our customers to bring their own cups for smoothies, coffee, and fruit juices and if you don’t, all of our materials in the store are 100% compostable. Our health foods that would go to waste are given to our neighbors pigs to make sure nothing is wasted.



Smoothies and Fruit Drinks in bucks county

Gi Juice and Java is your one stop shop for the best healthy foods, fruit smoothies, raw juices, and organic coffee in Bucks County. We’re located right in the heart of Lahaska just outside of Buckingham on route 202. We proudly serve our community by sourcing our ingredients from local and organic farmers in the Bucks County, Doylestown, Buckingham area. We take pride in serving the best health foods in the area and have made it our mission to strive for a 100% waste free store. You can come and enjoy food that is healthy through and through while knowing that choosing us means that no materials will be ending up in a landfill somewhere. As health nuts we gladly take on the responsibility to serve food and ingredients that are truly healthy for you with no expense at the Earth’s well-being.