Why Cleanse? Cleansing FAQ

We at GI Juice and Java always get asked the question of "whats the deal with juice cleanses?" "how many days is right for me?" or "I don't think i could make it that long without ANYTHING" 

Let me explain...

Some cleanse for the benefits believed to be associated with weight loss- here we prefer to look at cleansing more for the benefits believed to be associated with allowing the body; your digestion, your liver, other systems in your body to rest so they can better detox toxins. Following a cleanse you may experience better digestion, improved mental clarity and a more efficient working immune system. 

How many days? 

If its your first time, try one day and see how you feel!

If you're familiar with cleansing you can purchase as many days as you feel comfortable with.

Due to the unpasteurized nature of our juices they have a sell by date of three days after making (although they're safe for consumption after!).

How to prep?

The night before you start your cleanse keep it light! Nothing too heavy such as ravioli or thick cuts of steaks. Lean cuts of chicken, a nutritious salad, a soup, things like this will ease you into your cleanse.

As for eating during your cleanse...

If you start to feel your blood sugar dropping, or you're feeling hangry or like you just need to get something in you NOW, don't stress! While cleansing works best without consuming foods, if you need to don't ignore what your body is asking from you. 

Keep it light! Easy to digest foods are going to be your friend- Low sugar fruits such as berries or avocado, cooked veggies, or bone broths (available for purchase in store)  

If you've read this far, you may be thinking i'm in!

So whats included in a cleanse? What order do I drink them?

In a one day cleanse you'll get 1 Celery Blend, 3 of our green juices (Healthy and Mighty), 1 vegetable juice ( A Carrot or Beet blend) and 1 of our seasonal fruit blend. 

The order in which to drink is 

#1 Celery Blend

#2 & #3 Green Juice Blend (alternate between healthy and mighty)

#4 Carrot or Beet Blend 

#5 Fruit Blend 

#6 Green Juice